Chapter 1 - Using Blogs as a Classroom Tool

Blogs are a great way to encourage students to write and communicate with each other in a classroom setting. Blogs are easy to customize with web links, visuals, and videos.

The video below discusses blogs, how they work, and the benefits of blogging.

Enhance the following skills with blogs:

Creativity - students can use multimedia elements to enhance the creativity of the blog with images, video clips, sounds, and links.
Collaboration - students learn to offer and receive constructive criticism while working with others, a critical twenty-first century skills.
Communication - students learn the important skill of communicating ideas clearly and concisely through student feedback.
Connections - students can connect with readers outside the classroom by communicating with other students and readers around the world.
Critical Thinking - students learn to develop a logical set of facts, ideas, and persuasive arguments when publishing.
Reading - students learn information literacy by reading and analyzing the credibility of information in postings.
Digital Portfolios - students can see how their writing and thinking skills develop over time as they review their writing on this permanent medium.
Read more about the benefits of blogging on pages 21 - 22 and then comment on how you might enhance some of these critical skills by using a blog in your classroom.
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This website contains tips for teachers who want to use blogs and some great examples of classroom blogs as well as links to blog sites to start your own blog.

Get Started!

Choose a blog site, create your blog, and post the web address of your blog as well as a
discussion of how you will use your blog to increase student achievement.

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