Social networks focus on building relationships between teachers as well as between teachers and students. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have exploded with popularity over the last few years and teachers like to use tools that will connect with students and aid in the learning process. Social networking for educators refers to the aspect of Web 2.0 that allows users to create links between their online presence and various users and groups they wish to connect.

Some of the advantages in using a social networking site for the classroom are:
  • Small groups can collaborate on projects
  • Students can post questions, concerns, and comments.
  • The site can be used to retain teacher notes, videos, podcasts, and other classroom activities.
  • Absent students can use the site to catch up on missed work on content discussion.
  • Access can be granted to families, students, other teachers, anyone who wants to share information

Beyond Facebook and Twitter: Check out these social networking sites for educators.

Social Networking Site
What does it do?

Classroom 2.0
This is a free, community-supported network geared towards educators.

World's largest platform for creating social websites.

It is a free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.

Super Clubs
Safe social networking site geared for use with younger children.

Learn Central
Site for creating webinars, virtual meeting rooms, and community generated learning resources.

Offers a free upgrade for wikis that are used exclusively for K–12 education.

Professional Development Activity: Read Chapter 5 in the book Web 2.0 How-To for Educators and explore the web resources here in the wiki. Create a post for discussion with a specific example of how you could use social networking related to one of the bulleted items above. To contribute to the discussion page, click on the discussion link in the menu bar at the top of the page > new post > enter your subject > add response > post.

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